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Now I very rarely buy things just for the fun of it (who am I kidding? I did it all the time when I actually had money) but recently I’ve had a few more orders than expected, so I decided to spoil myself with this, and share it with you guys as a kind of thank you for buying posters (I have much better ‘thank you’s lined up soon, honest!).

Apologises for the less than stellar photography, but despite taking the subject for a year I am a terrible photographer.


Book Cover Competition Update

Just to make submitting to the competition a bit easier I’ve added a submission button to my menu bar.

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Book Cover Competition!

I’ve been working on a new novella which is coming out on Amazon in the next few weeks.

In honour of this I’m running a competition to find a cover for my book!

The winner will get their piece used as the cover as well as a copyright inside the book and the opportunity to do other covers in the future (I’m hoping this will become a series of novellas).


The style I’m aiming for with the book is kind of Dirk Gently meets Pushing Daisies meets Wes Anderson and in terms of genre it’s a murder-mystery.

Ideally I’d like to see at least one of the following items on the cover (but it’s not compulsory):

  • Cary - A tall, slim man with straggly hair and beard, who wears a suit that is two sizes too big
  • Hollie - A redhead with elfin features who wears a pencil dress
  • A set of spectacles with pocket mirrors strapped to the sides (Hollie wears these in the book)
  • A long-legged tabby cat
  • A kettle in a filing cabinet
  • A pale blue room that resembles an empty doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room without the posters or magazines

Rules for entry

  • Deadline is 5th August 2012.
  • Must be sent as a .jpeg file
  • The image must be orientated portrait (like the image at the top).
  • It must be your original work (i.e. you cannot use images you do not own as part of the piece).
  • Maximum of 3 entries per person.
  • Space must be left to put in the title and author’s name (if there’s a specific spot where you think they should be placed please mention it in your e-mail).
  • (Amazon requires the picture to be 1000 x 1600 pixels, but as long as I can scale it up or down I don’t mind the size.)

To enter

Submit your piece, along with the name you’d wish to be credited and an e-mail address at which to contact you, using the 'Book Cover Competition Submissions' button at the right of my menu bar.

The winner will be announced on the book’s official tumblr site when it launches on Monday 13th August 2012, further details of which will be announced at a later date on this site.

Please note the e-mail address entries are sent to is a personal e-mail and I have no interest in passing on details to third parties. E-mails will be kept as a record of correspondence though.